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James Bay Ride 2015

What a a ride!

Having worked in the James Bay Hydro projects area in the late '80s and having driven it most of the 10 or so trips, I could only hope to do it on a motorbike!

This trip took me from Ottawa to Val d'Or, then near Chapais, a shortcut to Matagami, the strait up to Radisson which is 10k from LG2 Hydro Dam.

There is one gas-food-rest stop at 387km north of Matagami, that's it.

Then from Radisson to Elliot Lake (in one day!) A change of tire in Val'Or total for the day 1640km!

On to Kapuskasing via the scenic Lac Superior / Wawa route.

From there a stop in Val d'Or to say hi (again) to mom & dad and home to Gatineau...5045km on the counter gone 10 days, 6 on the road!

When can I do it again???



The James Bay Road, on my way to Radisson from Matagami..

620 km of this !



a 120km shortcut I took to get from Lebel Sur Quevillon to Matagami